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Heather Twedell, PsyD


Dr. Heather Twedell received her doctorate in forensic psychology from Alliant University in 2011.  She is a licensed psychologist in the states of Texas and California.  She has developed a diverse and unique set of skills working with a broad range of psychiatric disorders, symptoms, and issues in various clinical settings, including emergency departments, outpatient hospital programs, neuropsychology rehabilitation centers, corrections, and in law enforcement.   During her time with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Dr. Twedell provided critical incident debriefs, individual, couples and family therapy for sworn and civilian employees, co-developed and provided trainings, consulted with various bureaus including the Special Victims Bureau, and achieved certifications in Peace Officer's Standard and Training, FBI Crisis Negotiation, and the Institute of Criminal Investigation.  Additionally, she conducted inter-Department research and provided consultations for the Department's Peer Support Program.  Dr. Twedell takes great pride in treating individuals with respect and compassion while providing therapeutic tools that are relevant and effective.  Current treatment services include individual, couples, and family therapy, group therapy, critical incident debriefing, psychological crisis intervention, and consultations.  She has personally experienced the therapeutic and healing benefits of treatment with animals and is committed to working collaboratively with individuals to facilitate positive change and growth.

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